Simple and portable

With our plug-in play solution, it is easy to bring your info screen to trade shows. It’s just plugging in the power and the internet, then it’s up running. If there are difficulties with regard to the internet, then we also have a solution where you can connect to the mobile network on the device.

We recommend preparing the contents in advance so that everything is ready for playback as soon as the screen is mounted on the stand. If you want help with producing good content to display on the screen, then we and our partners can of course help with it!


Portable accessory

If you are often at trade shows, we recommend ordering a portable stand instead of the usual wall mount. In this way it becomes even easier to take the screen with you when going out on a trip. We also have flight cases with automatic lift, so you can transport the screen safely and well, and just hoist it up from the case when it is to be used.

Renting of equipment

If you are not so often at trade shows, but still want to use a screen as a display medium when you first
are there? We also rent complete screen rigs for trade shows and stands.

How to get started:

1. Connect to SocialScreen

Koble til SocialScreen

You can easily connect the control unit to the monitor with the HDMI cable. Simply plug in in the power and the internet, and switch on the device.

2. Set up the content you want

Sett opp innholdet du ønsker

Log in to the control panel and select what you want to display on the screen. Here you can choose between everything from image and video, to weather forecast and social media.

3. See the results on the screen

Se resultatet på skjermen

As soon as you save the contents of the control panel, you will see the result on your screen. Then everything is clear, and it's just to play with the different content types.

* When ordering screen and mounting we will send professional installers who take care of the process of getting the screen on the wall.

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